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“I’m a good kid,” Sweet teenager wants to help others as he grows up

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Gabe just turned 13-years-old, but knows that he wants to help people when he gets older.

He says he wants to attend the University of Oklahoma and possibly study law.

"I noticed how they like sort of help people. I noticed that my dad wasn't helped," he said. "And they make good money...or good ones do."

If he doesn't become a lawyer, he says he would also consider becoming a counselor.

"My counselor was the one who inspired me to become one because he really does help kids," he said.

It has been seven years since Gabe had any real place to call home.

"I've been around at least nine foster homes,” Gabe said. "I do want to be adopted just so I wouldn't actually have to keep on moving around."

He says the constant moving between foster homes has brought a lot of confusion to his life.

"It sort of depends on the rules. The foster homes that I've been to, they've changed a lot. There are a lot of rules everywhere I've been to. They like change so I don't know what to do,” Gabe said.

This sweet-spirited boy would just like the same set of rules to follow.

"I would say that I'm a good kid. I'm sort of shy, but whenever I get to know you, I'm not that shy. I'm really nice. I'm a good kid," Gabe said.

Through no fault of his own, he's had to endure a feeling of not belonging.

At the time we interview children for these segments, they are available for adoption, but every single day DHS is working to find homes for these kids. So, just remember - even once Gabe finds a family, there are so many just like him waiting for 'a place to call home.

Visit www.okdhs.org for more information on adopting a child or call (405) 767-2955.

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