Oklahoma City Homeland renovations delayed due to ‘unforeseen issues’

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A grocery store in northwest Oklahoma City that was built in the 1970s will have to wait a little longer before a much-needed renovation.

The Homeland grocery store, located on N.W. 18th and Classen Blvd., is surrounded by beautiful homes in Mesta Park and Heritage Hills.

However, many have noticed its outdated look.

“People like coming here, but it’s getting too old,” said Kyle Harris, a customer.

In February, word began to spread about a $2 million renovation project centered around the store.

“Lot of people saying ‘Oh my God, I’m so excited about the remodel. It’s been needed. It’s just an old store,’” said Amanda Humphreys, a store employee.

Homeland officials told NewsChannel 4 that they were creating a healthier selection of produce with more made-to-order foods.

However, the long-awaited renovation may need to wait a little longer.

According to our partners at OKCTalk, Homeland’s Vice President of Merchandising and Marketing Brian Haaraoja says the renovation has been delayed due to ‘unforeseen issues.’

Haaraoja says that crews learned that the entire roof and heating and air conditioning system needed to be replaced.

However, he says the renovations on the interior of the store will move forward but will likely begin in February.

All work should be complete in July of 2018.



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