“We’re just doing our part,” Oklahoma boy creates own foundation to help families in need

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Caleb Hines is a kid crusader helping the fight against poverty one diaper box at a time.

"A long time ago, whenever I was 5, my mom wanted me to serve local children in need, but she realized there were almost no places that a 5-year-old could serve at,” Caleb said.

So, Caleb's mom decided to start their own.

“We have lots of pantries around our state, fortunately, which have food, or clothing or both, yet they didn't have any diapers or really access to them,” said Marcie Hines, Caleb's mom.

Diapers are an expensive purchase for some at roughly $100-a-month. Experts said many child care facilities require mothers to provide an adequate supply of disposable diapers, which can be difficult for some parents.

"Our families are having to make decisions of buying food for that week, or gas or buying that pack of diapers because they're expensive,” Marcie said.

In 2012, this dynamic duo started a mission called Caleb's Cause Foundation to provide diapers to those in need.

"Our goal for this year is 300,000 diapers,” Caleb said. "Our goal is to serve all Oklahoma children in need."

It's been five years since the nonprofit was established.

They've served 7,500 children and are currently distributing to 10 locations around the state.

"It's great. We're just doing our part," he said.

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