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“It’s a tough job,” Legendary newsman George Tomek talks about his memories at Channel 4

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OKLAHOMA CITY - In 1966, George Tomek, a navy veteran from Illinois, made his way to Oklahoma City and left his mark of broadcast excellence.

Part of the Channel 4 "dream team" of anchors from the 70's was George Tomek, Bob Barry, Jim Williams  and Jack Ogle.

"Your dad..your dad," remembers George. "Your dad, by the way, was the one who gave me the lasting feeling about editorializing. He told me this after I first got here.  He said 'George, I learned something years ago and I still like it today.'  He said we editorialize every time we make a decision to use a story or to throw a story in the wastebasket.'  I said 'Who was that coined by?' And he said 'Paul Harvey.'"

George was a consummate professional. He was a police beat reporter who worked the streets of OKC.

He went overseas to places like Guatemala to cover the murder of an Oklahoma priest. He also covered Oklahoma politicians at political conventions around the country.

His incredible professionalism won him countless awards from news organizations in Oklahoma and around the United States. Even state governors praised his work.

But of course, there were also moments that could only happen at Channel 4.

One involved film that wouldn't dry properly, a 10 p.m. deadline and pro wrestlers getting ready to appear on Danny Williams, "Championship Wrestling."

"I was panicking and I asked a couple of them 'Will you help me? I gotta dry this film' and they said 'Yeah, we'll help.'"

So, George sent them, film in hand, running out into the Oklahoma wind.

"One of 'em had tights on, the other had short wrestling shorts on," George remembers. "And they looked like a couple of Bolshoi ballet artists out there. But they got the job done and we got it on the air. Whew."

But for Channel 4 icon George Tomek, this business we're in is a serious business.

And just because Channel 4 is moving into a new building, our mission hasn't changed. We continue to strive on bringing you, our viewers, vital information.

"It's a tough job," George says. "But we had to do it and you have to do it."