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Norman police save man’s life with Narcan following drug overdose

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NORMAN, Okla. --Norman police saved a life the very first time they used a drug that counteracts opioids.

"He's not breathing, turning blue. They were trying to coach him in CPR instructions. Our officer got there about the same time as the fire department," Lt. Lee McWhorter, with Norman Police Department, said.

Lt. McWhorter is describing the scene from Thursday when officers received a call about a man overdosing on heroin.

When first responders arrived, the man didn't have a pulse. However, after giving him a dose of Narcan, he started breathing again.

"Narcan is a drug that competes with opioid receptors in the body that basically blocks the absorption of opioids," Lt. McWhorter said.

Narcan is something police officers in many cities, like Tulsa, always keep with them while on patrol.

"Because of the increase in fentanyl, synthetic fentanyl, carfentanyl, overdoses that have started in the East Coast and come this way, they've had numerous reports of officers who have been exposed or stopped breathing," Lt. McWhorter said.

Because of that, and thanks to a federal grant, Norman PD is now following suit and Narcan has already come in handy.

"We initially got 38 kits," Lt. McWhorter said.

Soon, every Norman officer will have a Narcan kit with them while on patrol.

"We get called for all kinds of emergencies, be it medical, traffic, anything. We signed up for this job to do good. So anytime you do that is a positive response," Lt. McWhorter said.