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Two good Samaritans who risked their lives to save another being honored by Oklahoma City Fire Department

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Photo of overturned dump truck that caught fire. (Photo via OKCFD)

OKLAHOMA CITY – Two good Samaritans are being honored by the Oklahoma City Fire Department after risking their lives to save another.

On August 16th, a dump truck flipped end-over-end several times just west of SW. 149th Street and May Avenue, fire officials say.

The vehicle came to rest upside down and was heavily involved in fire when firefighters arrived.

Bystanders told arriving firefighters that the driver had been removed from the vehicle by two individuals.

Firefighters moved quickly to assist EMSA to assess the driver of the truck.

The driver stated that he was not injured other than some small scratches on his arm.

He stated that he was originally pinned inside the truck and was unable to move his arms or legs, because the cab had crushed around him. He tried his best to self-extricate from the mangled and overturned rig, but he could not free himself.

He then noticed fire growing on the passenger side of the cab.

Fortunately, this is when two heroes stepped in!

Fire officials said the two brave men witnessed the accident, and they realized that the driver was trapped inside the vehicle which had caught fire.

Knowing that the fuel tanks were leaking and fire was quickly growing, the two men still opted to put their lives at risk to save another.

Their first attempts to open the door of the crushed cab were unsuccessful.

Knowing that time was of the essence, they quickly located a large piece of metal pipe and were able to force open the door of the truck.

The driver was pulled from the vehicle just moments before the entire cab was engulfed in flames.

Firefighters later reported that they had no doubts that the quick and decisive actions of these two good Samaritans prevented significant burns or worse.

Now, the Oklahoma City Fire Department plans to honor the men with special certificates.

The men’s identities has not been released at this time.

However, they will be identified Monday, August 21st at a special ceremony at an Oklahoma City Fire station.