Oklahoma family planning to recreate 1954 solar eclipse trip photo

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TULSA, Okla. – An Oklahoma family is planning to recreate a photo they took back in 1954 on their first solar eclipse trip.

90-year-old Jack Wells, his wife and their three daughters all saw their first eclipse back in 1954.

Since then, Wells has seen 10 solar eclipses in totality in 9 different countries. His wife has been on seven of those trips.

“We come to this location to see this eclipse for the sole purpose of seeing that total, that glow, that corona, that diamond ring,” he said.

Wells told Fox 23 he has seen eclipses in places like Bolivia, where he saw it at 12,500 feet, and also in India, but he hasn’t been to the path of an eclipse since 2008.

But on Monday, the family will be traveling to Nebraska, to see the eclipse together, just like they did in 1954.