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Oklahoma Corporation Commission passes rule to allow two-mile long horizontal well operations

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OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Corporation Commission passed an emergency rule to new legislation that will allow for two-mile long horizontal well operations.

"The Oklahoma legislature, in its last session, passed a law that allows what are called long laterals to be drilled in Oklahoma regardless of the formation,” said Matt Skinner with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.

Long laterals, also known as horizontal drilling, were previously only allowed in certain formations. The new legislation changed that.

"The commission's job is to come up with rules to govern that practice,” Skinner said.

In this case, one of the emergency rules would allow for horizontal drilling as long as two miles.

Groups like the Oklahoma Sierra Club are opposed.

They posted on Facebook, "While this process does nothing new, we do have concerns over continued fracking/ earthquakes/ production waste-- and this longer drilling process will assure all of these nightmares continue."

They called for the public to show up to the OCC meeting where the rules would be voted on. However, no one from the public spoke.

"These long laterals, this is a very complex subject. So, no one is viewing this rule making as the final word in the matter. There will no doubt be future rule makings as we go along,” Skinner said.

The revisions will now be sent to the governor for signature.

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