New mom scammed weeks before giving birth

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OKLAHOMA CITY - It was love at first sight for mom Cheyenne.

“I called her wild child, because her hair is everywhere,” she said.

The biggest surprise though was when baby A'layah showed up two weeks early.

“I was stressed out about it, because I wanted it to be here,” Cheyenne said. “I wanted her to have her own car seat and stroller.”

You see Cheyenne purchased a new car seat and stroller from

She said, “I started to get a little worried and then a week went by, another week I still hadn't received anything.”

There was no tracking number or confirmation email, but tons of red flags.

For starters the phone number listed on the site is missing a number, so there’s no one for Cheyenne to call.

The website is only a couple months old and claims Rhode Island for a home base, but the real address traces back to Michigan.

We know the Michigan Attorney General's Office is processing complaints.

The Better Business Bureau put out a warning about the company.

It appears scammers are running another bogus site,

A refund doesn't look promising for Cheyenne.

The In Your Corner team jumped into action.

Storkland and Kids Too, located at 6917 North May Avenue, is going out of business and wanted to bless Cheyenne and baby with a brand new stroller.  

“To even be able to give a stroller to a woman who really needs this,” Storkland manager Aaron Stanford said. “This is a joy for us, a warm fuzzy for us.”

Another donor wishing to stay anonymous pitched in a car seat and other favorite mommy baby items.

“Now I have one of my own,” Cheyenne said. “I'm so excited.”

The In Your Corner bottom line:

  • Slow down, start local, and if you're going to buy online carefully read over the website.  
  • This new mom tried searching for online reviews, but because the website was so new there weren't any.

There are a bunch of complaints now!

Cheyenne is helping put out the word, counting her blessings.

She said, “I want to say thank you for helping me.”

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