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Oklahoma cashier who helped pay it 4ward to foster mom gets big surprise

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NEWCASTLE, Okla. - To say young Nick Tate is a people person is an understatement.

"I just love getting to know people and talk to them and hear about their day and see how they're doing," Nick said.

In July, Nick was checking out a foster mother with three kids at the Newcastle WalMart. The mom couldn't get her WIC Card to work properly and was frantic.

So, Nick decided to pay for the formula himself.

The foster mom thanked Nick, then broke down in tears, telling Nick she felt like a failure.

But Nick says, she has it all wrong.

"For these kids, it's so incredible that they get to have these people in their lives. We don't know what they've been through but because of this family, they're changing these kids’ lives," he said.

Nick himself is about changing kids' lives.

You could call him a soccer missionary.

Nick has been working as a missionary and helping kids on an island in Honduras - playing soccer with them and preaching the Gospel. Showing Christian love to some who most need it.

So many people saw our story about Nick, that they wrote us saying he needed to be rewarded.

On behalf of all those people, we picked him for our Pay It 4Ward Award.

James Boggs of First Fidelity Bank did the honors and presented Nick with the $400 reward.

"Nick, on behalf of everybody at First Fidelity Bank and News 4, we are so proud of you and happy and pleased to pay it forward to you $400," James told Nick when we surprised him at work.

When we asked Nick his reaction to being recognized, he answered in a humble way.

"So thankful," Nick said. "It's been really cool to see God work and move in all this."

Pay It 4Ward is sponsored by First Fidelity Bank. 

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