Sauce and City Politics blend together perfectly for the mayor of this Panhandle town

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GUYMON, Okla. -- Heart and stomach are close together for a reason.

Drop some fried chicken or french fries in oil and you'll be popular by lunchtime.

"I enjoy what I do," says barbecue master Kim Peterson.

Put some ribs in a smoker for a few hours and Kim figured out, more than 20 years ago, that he had lots of good friends.

"It's like anything," he continues. "It can be as enjoyable or as un-enjoyable as you make it."

Hunny's moved into this old tire shop on the south end of Main Street Guymon to operate a catering business that slathered ribs and sauce all over the region.

He must have done all right.

Four years ago, citizens here voted him mayor.

"Maybe barbecue made you popular," states a visitor.

Peterson laughs, "I don't know if it was that or what."

Kim's daughter, Jaime Kauffman, helps run the Hunny's kitchen, where good ideas get on the menu like proclamations on the city council agenda.

Their big nacho place came from some of the kitchen crew fooling around after hours.

She says, "We decided it was good enough to throw out there."

The name of the restaurant is what Kim's grandkids call his 'wife.'

The gold sign is a little confusing for some of the younger male customers who sometimes think there's more on the menu than just tender ribs.

Peterson says, "We've had guys stop and ask what time the girls were going to get here."

Council meetings once a week, Hunny's takes up Fridays and Saturdays 'till late, and every other day, the smoker is hot.

"As long as you enjoy getting up and doing what you're doing, there's no reason to retire," says Kim.

Sauce and city politics make for a good recipe in the heart and stomach of Texas County.

Click here for a good look at Hunny's menu or their extensive catering operation.

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