Taylor Swift announces new album

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The superstar singer is expected to testify in a civil case filed by a Denver disc jokey who claims he lost his job after Swift accused him of groping her backstage at one of her concerts in 2013. Pictured is Swift on the Red Carpet at The 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards broadcast on the CBS Television Network on Monday, Feb. 15, 2016. (File Photo)

The award-winning pop star, Taylor Swift, recently wiped all social media accounts and went off the grid. After a few days of debating amongst ourselves as to what it means, Wednesday, we found out why.

Swift is coming out with a new album called Reputation.

Fans are excited for the first single of the album that drops Thursday night.

She preluded her big announcement with three videos that formed a snake striking at the viewer.

The most impressive view of the snake is on T-swift’s Instagram Account.

Many think the snake is a slam against Kanye West and Kim Kardashian revolving around a line in West’s single ‘Famous’ where he took credit for Swift’s successful career. An article on Buzzfeed goes more in depth to possible meanings of the name Reputation, the artwork on the album and more.

According to TMZ, Swift’s album cover gives potential listeners a hint to the songs that will fill the album. Swift’s relationship with Tom Hiddleston and feud with West and Kardashian might be big subjects in Swift’s songs.

While some speculate the meaning of her songs, others are musing at the potential popularity of the new music.

Billboard is speculating whether or not Swift will break Luis Fonsi’s Despacito, featuring Justin Bieber, 17th week and counting No. 1 record.

All of this follows the lawsuit involving Swift and former radio host David Mueller. Mueller was accused of groping the pop star in June 2013 but sued Swift, saying it never happened. Swift counter-sued for $1. According to CNN, the jury ruled in her favor.

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