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TSA: Four loaded firearms found in 10 days at Will Rogers World Airport

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Officials with the Transportation Security Administration found four loaded firearms within 10 days at security checkpoints at Will Rogers World Airport.

Leo Blay says he has had a knife that was meant to be a Christmas present taken away at the airport because he forgot that it wasn't allowed on an airplane.

"I flew and I didn't know, I wasn't thinking about it. Since then you think, 'Well, I got this real nice gift, but now I don't,” Blay said.

Travelers often overlook certain items in their luggage in a rush to get to the airport.

"I've had toothpaste taken away, body wash taken away, and I don't want to re-buy it,” Markus Rose said.

That is one reason why Rose said he always checks those items before heading out the door.

There are many items that are not allowed to go through TSA security checkpoints, and one of those items is a firearm.

"I know that TSA in the last two weeks, less than two weeks, we've seen four travelers trying to carry a firearm through the security checkpoint,” Karen Carney, with Will Rogers World Airport, said.

So far this year, 26 firearms have been confiscated at Will Rogers World Airport.

Carney said in most cases, the passenger simply forgot to check it.

"It has to be checked. It has to go through the airlines guidelines. So, it has to be in a case that's locked with ammunition in a separate, carried separately,” Carney said.

Thinking these things through while you’re packing is something that officials say will ensure you make it to your flight on time, and also keeps checkpoint lines moving.

"We all have a certain responsibility and I think that kind of carries on down to the traveler as well. That just means be aware of what you're doing, what you're taking, where your belongings are,” Carney said.

Many travelers, like Blay, agree.

"Even like toenail clippers, or even you have to have only certain ounces of body wash or whatever. So you think about those things when you go on a plane,” Blay said.

For a full list of prohibited security checkpoint items, click here.

You can also ask questions yourself on Twitter by tweeting your question to @AskTSA.

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