Construction workers discover carvings from original Oklahoma State Capitol crews

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OKLAHOMA CITY – As the restoration project on the Oklahoma State Capitol continues, crews are making some pretty interesting finds on the historic structure.

In July, construction workers found a note that was dated Sept. 21, 1933 while they were working on the granite steps.

Underneath some granite stairs that lead up to the south portico, a construction worker discovered a note scrawled on a Game and Fish Department envelope, rolled up in a bottle.

Note found rolled up in bottle underneath the granite stairs at Capitol. It was left behind from workers from 1933

On the note, dated Sept. 21, 1933, is several names of men who worked at the Capitol.

J. B. Fisher – Fireman

E.B. Carleton ” “

A.J. Bishop – Plumber

Tom M. Rushing – Electrician.

In addition to the note, crews also uncovered some pretty amazing gems that were hidden during past renovations.

“So, these were windows that were at the basement level,” said Trait Thompson, project manager at the Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services. “They were embedded into the bricks in the downstairs wall. They had been covered over between two walls.


Construction crews discovered these windows inside the capitol

On the roof, construction crews discovered another mystery involving the chimeras.

“We did make our way to each stone chimera to see what was there, and we did find these initials on two of the eight stones around the building,” said Lynnsee Boyse, project manager at JE Dunn Construction.

No one knows what the initials C.W. mean, but they believe they were carved in 1915 when the sculptures were installed.

The initials C.W. were found carved on one of the chimeras on top of the Capitol

Now, it seems that crews have made another discovery at the Capitol.

While repairing the area around the south portico, construction workers discovered initials carved into the rock on the east side of the pediment.

The initials AKJ and DCM were carved into the rock followed by the date June 4, 1917.

Officials with the Oklahoma Capitol Restoration Project say they were most likely carved by workers involved in the original construction of the Capitol.


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