Mother accused of leaving children in hot car while drinking at bar

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FLORIDA – A mother in Florida is accused of leaving her children inside a hot car while she went into a bar to drink.

Around 10:14 p.m. Sunday, a woman called 911 saying she was concerned that 28-year-old Larissa Rivera had left her two small children in the car while she drank at the bar.

“She is drunk, the mother is drunk,” the woman told 911.

When an officer arrived on scene, two children were found in the backseat.

“I opened the driver side rear passenger door and was greeted with a little girl (approximately 5 years of age) crying hysterically. She quickly calmed down once fresh air came upon her,” the officer wrote in a report.

A boy, who was approximately 3 years old, was also found inside the vehicle.

Rivera told WKMG she had left the children in the car for about 30 minutes, and was able to see the children from inside the bar. Rivera claimed she and her friends checked on the children every few minutes.

She also said she had left the air conditioner running inside the vehicle after the children ate, but turned it off when they said they were cold.

Police say the air conditioner was not on and the children, who were sweating, did not have water.

Rivera was arrested. She has been charged with two counts of leaving a child unattended.

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