OG&E crews head to Texas to help restore power to thousands

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OKLAHOMA CITY - About 40 OG&E trucks and 80 crews headed down to Texas early Monday morning to help restore power to thousands.

"You never prepare for complete destruction like they have. So, I'll remind you and you remind me to have patience," a crew member told the team before leaving for the Corpus Christi area.

OG&E crews are hoping for patience and safety as they head to the Lone Star State to help restore power to about 180,000 homes and businesses.

"When they know something like a hurricane will be coming, the companies that will be affected will start reaching out saying 'How many people can you send? How many people can you send?' So, they pretty much try and get resources at least on standby," said Kathleen O'Shea, a spokesperson for OG&E. "They're going to go AEP Texas. As you know, Corpus Christi got hit really hard. That's going to be the area they'll be working in."

They're ready for harsh conditions as the rain and flooding are expected to continue.

"Safety is always our first concern, both for our crews and for the public. You got lines down, you got tree limbs all over the place, water," O'Shea said.

However, they're prepared with steel-toe boots, rubber gloves and safety goggles.

The crews could be working in Texas for as long as two weeks.

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