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“Watch out for our kids,” Parents upset after bus driver fails to use proper warning signals

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LINDSAY, Okla. -- Parents are upset after a bus driver allegedly failed to use the proper warning signals while letting students cross the street.

A parent recently posted a video on Facebook showing a bus not using the stop sign warning signal in a busy area.

"It probably wouldn't have bothered me as much had I not almost hit a child,” Robert Brooks, the one who posted the video, said.

Fortunately, that didn’t happen, but Brooks said it was a close call.

"The emergency lights and the stop sign were not deployed,” Brooks said. "It was a residential area and it's also a very busy street. I was just in fear that some of the children might get run over,” Brooks said.

He posted the video on Facebook and comments from other parents started flooding in.

One parents said her child was recently dropped off two blocks away from the designated bus stop after the driver claimed there was too much traffic. The parent argued there isn’t much traffic in that area.

"It's kids. It's my kids. It's my friends’ kids. It's my family's kids that are on that school bus,” Brooks said.

Officials with the district said there is a master switch that must be on in order for the warning lights to come. Once that switch is flipped, the warning signals come on when the door opens.

Officials said the driver simply forgot to flip on that switch that day.

"I just hope it serves as a reminder not only to school bus drivers but also to the general public out there traveling to and from work in the morning or afternoon, just watch out for our kids," Brooks said.

District officials said they spoke with the drivers, ensuring this won’t happen again.

They also said if a driver feels there is too much traffic in a certain area, they are instructed not to drop off the kids there. ​