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Seemingly random stabbing leaves OKC homeowner hospitalized

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A woman has been hospitalized with serious injuries after a man with no known motive stabbed her in her home.

It happened shortly after 3 p.m. Tuesday near SW 104th Street and SW Pennsylvania Avenue in the Kingswood neighborhood.

Two housekeepers were in a home at the end of the block, and the owner was in the garage.

"It appears he just sort of saw the open garage door and walked in," Oklahoma City Police Lt. Jeff Spruill said.

The attacker then stabbed the homeowner with a large knife.

When calls for police started rolling in, officers believed the male suspect went inside the house.

But a lawn mowing crew said they saw the man run away. Soon after, an off-duty officer spotted him near the Homeland at SW 104th and Penn.

"He did match the physical description but did have on different clothes at first," Lt. Spruill said, "but they did notice he appeared to have small knife wounds on his hands."

Police said two witnesses identified the man they found as the suspect, along with evidence stashed in trash cans behind the grocery store.

"Right now we have no idea why he perpetrated this," Lt. Spruill said. "He does not appear to be known by this homeowner who lives here."

The woman was reported to be in good condition Tuesday evening.