Two wanted for swapping, stealing diamond ring from Moore jewelry store arrested in Texas

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MOORE, Okla. - Two people wanted for stealing a $32,000 diamond ring from a Moore jewelry store in June have been arrested in Texas.

David Luis Sixto, 35, and Ashley Vanessa Tarango, 30, were arrested over the last several days in McLellan County, Texas on arrest warrants out of Cleveland County, Oklahoma.

Police say the two are behind a number of similar robberies of jewelry stores in Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma, including the Lewis Jewelers in Moore on June 24.

"In this instance, they acted like they were looking at a wedding ring,"said Jeremy Lewis, the public information officer with Moore Police. "The boyfriend goes out to get his wallet, the girl goes out to get something from him and then they bail; she’s already made the swap."

With a fake ring. In this case, the stolen diamond ring was valued at more than $32,400.

"From the minute they came in, they stuck to their script," said Tim Lewis, one of the owners of Lewis Jewelers.

"She takes our ring and runs out the door," Tim Lewis said. "Exact same ruse they pulled on every store."

Tim Lewis says he knew it would only be a matter of time before the two were caught.

"I said then, they will pay for this ring, unfortunately for them, they’re going to pay with time — and lots of it," he said.

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