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Concrete work throws wrench in project

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LUTHER, Okla. – Jeremiah Jones is the one in the charge.

“Yes,” he said. “Everything comes back on me.”

This, though, is by far the largest home building project he’s taken on.

Early on, though, Jeremiah is being tested and on the hook for $7,000.

He said Tavis Young has the money.

Young sold himself as a concrete guy and the son of a respected Oklahoma contractor.

“At first, it was his dad and his business then, all of the sudden, it was just his, he split from his dad on this job,” Jeremiah said.

That information doesn’t seem to check out either. 

It comes back to another contractor, a father of three girls.

He told the In Your Corner team he had never heard of Young.

“I’m a metal building guy,” he said.

Young is from the Enid area.

The In Your Corner team traveled to Garfield County to find him.

His last known address is in Ponca City.

No sign of him anywhere, and he’s not returning our repeated phone calls.

Before his disappearing act, he dug a small hole and dropped off some quarter inch rebar.

Jeremiah is kicking himself now.

“You know, I thought it would be okay because of the referral,” he said.

That referral came from one of Young’s family members.

She left out the part about him being a habitual lawbreaker.

He has a string of convictions, including forgery, concealing stolen property and embezzlement.

More than a dozen arrests in Garfield County alone.

Jeremiah knows the show must go on.

He sold one of his motorcycles to make up for the 7 grand hole.

“I would like to get at least some of my money back, whatever amount of work they think they did, take that out,” Jeremiah said. “Give me $5,000 back. Give me anything.”

If you have any information on Young, email us or call our hotline.

Taking the time to research a contractor is so important.

Start by searching court records. 

Just plug in a first and last name and hit the search button.