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Family of 2-year-old boy killed wants apartment complex to reconsider placement of fence

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YUKON, Okla. – A family wants their apartment complex to reconsider building a fence in front of a cross that serves as a memorial for their son.

"He would have been 3 now. So, it's been the roughest thing in the world,” Ashley Lee told News 4.

Just a few months shy of Chevy Lee’s 3rd birthday, in February, his life was taken too soon.

"I wasn't home at the time. My husband was, but he was doing something with the girls in the back room and he didn't know that the door was unlocked,” Ashley, Chevy’s mom, said.

At some point, Chevy made his way outside and was hit by a truck. He later died at the hospital.

"A few days after that, we put up a cross at the apartment complex as a little memorial piece,” Ashley said.

However, now, Ashley said the apartment complex wants to build a fence right in front of Chevy’s cross.

"While I am all for the fence, I feel that the fence should be built behind the cross,” Ashley said.

She claims they won’t budge on that.

The complex released a statement saying:

“In this truly sad situation we were doing what we felt was best in being proactive in communicating the possibility of a negative outcome by alerting our resident that with any type of construction process, it is possible that the cross would be disturbed by the many machines, construction workers, etc. to give her the option to move it for a brief period of time until the construction is complete. The changes we are making at the property are to increase the satisfaction of our residents by offering things like a new clubhouse, property fence, dog park, playground and pool. We also have plans to honor the little boy with a special dedication at the clubhouse once it is completed and hope the community will come together during that time to offer support for our resident regarding her loss.” – Trinity Multifamily

"My family and I believe that taking down, removing, hiding or damaging the cross during the process of construction is highly disrespectful,” Ashley said.

She said the spot where the cross currently is can’t be replaced.

"When I got the phone call that night, and I came, and the ambulance and fire trucks were in the way and they wouldn't let me get to my son... The cross is built where my husband and I fell on our knees praying that our son was going to survive the accident,” Ashley said.

Lee started a petition on Facebook called Petition for Chevy’s Cross.