“It was just the right timing,” Professor’s lesson in kindness makes major impact on unsuspecting delivery driver

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BETHANY, Okla  - It was just supposed to be a simple lesson for a group of students at Southern Nazarene University, but it ended up being a lifesaver for a young man.

SNU President Dr. Keith Newman was imploring students to "do for one what you wish you could for everyone."

That simple lesson was illustrated with a prayer and a pizza.

“We prayed that God would send us someone who really needed a blessing. We had no idea who would come through the doors," Newman said.

To send the message home, a shocked Domino's delivery driver named Chad marched on stage with a large pepperoni pizza Newman had ordered before class.

What the 19-year-old delivery driver didn't know was the students had taken up a special offering just for him.

“I gave like $3, and the person next to me said 'I have a dollar bill.' I was like just put it in the bucket, that's fine," said SNU senior Rachel Doerneman.

Chad was given a $1,200 tip and a stack of gift cards.

“Students who didn't have cash gave Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, Apple iTunes," Newman said. "They felt that in their heart and wanted to do something."

They were small gestures that collectively made a huge impact on a compete stranger's life.

“He said 'I've always been just one paycheck behind.' How many people feel like that? 'Through this encounter, God helped me to catch up.' When he went home, the water guy was there to shut off the city water. It was just the right timing," said Campus Pastor Blair Spindle.

An answered prayer and God's perfect timing.

“You don't know their story. It’s great to see the impact we could make on this kid's life,” Doerneman said.

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