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Outpour of support for local entertainer after suspicious death, investigation continues

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- An outpour of support can be found on social media following the death of an Oklahoma entertainer as authorities continue an investigation into the circumstances surrounding what happened.

"The medical examiner’s office is doing their part of the investigation and right now, our detectives are just waiting on their report to determine whether this is going to be investigated as a homicide," said Officer Megan Morgan.

William Ogletree, 25, died after he was injured Sunday while promoting a wrestling tournament called "Battle of The Legends in OKC.”

He was performing a maneuver called the “spine buster” during the staged wrestling event at the Blue Note Lounge.

His uncle, Joseph Ogletree, tells News 4 the event was "unsanctioned" and adds the family is going through the grieving process as best they can.

BradChad Porter is a close friend of William Ogletree and founder of OKC Comedy, which promotes and books comedy shows in Oklahoma City.

Porter, an eyewitness to the event on Sunday, says Ogletree got involved with the group a few years ago.

"I didn’t really see exactly what was going on, I just know everything stopped and the ambulance got there extraordinarily quickly," he recalled.

According to Porter,  Olgetree was taken to OU Medical Center and admitted for a head injury.

He says people were at the hospital from Sunday and stayed throughout this week.

"It took some time for the information to start to make sense. It took some time to get a hold of his family, so we were sitting there not knowing, you know? They couldn’t tell us anything," he said.

Since Ogletree's passing, a number of people have taken to social media to send their condolences.

Ben Frantz, a friend of Ogletree's, wrote Thursday on Facebook: "When someone like William Ogletree passes suddenly, it's hard to keep in mind but always reassuring to see the magnitude of affect I has on so many people and how obviously positive his impact must have been. I think the key to living a fulfilled life is pursuing your passions with like-minded people and making as many meaningful connections as possible. Will most certainly accomplished that, and I think that's more than could be said for many."

Edmund Snyder says like Ogletree, he is a musician, and would occasionally run into him at open mic nights.

He tells News 4 he wasn't close friends with Ogletree, but he wrote on Facebook: "He [Ogletree] had a way of making everyone feel like they were important to him. Actually, they probably were important to him."

As for Porter, he says Ogletree was someone who truly lived life to its fullest.

"He was better than most of us. He was not afraid of anything. Just incredible to be around and just such a kind and generous person," said Porter. "I know what I’m going to say about Will Ogletree is that he was a dear friend who inspired me to go after everything that I want."

The Oklahoma City Police Department says as of Thursday, Ogletree's death is still considered "suspicious".

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