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“The dogs don’t have a chance,” Several dogs die from being poisoned in Oklahoma community

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COALGATE, Okla. – An Oklahoma community is on alert after several dogs were poisoned in their own backyards.

Nakoa Bennett says she let her 2-year-old pit bull, named Monster, outside for about 20 minutes before her husband found a horrifying scene.

“Next thing I know, I woke up to my husband coming in, he’s screaming, ‘Babe, Monster’s gone. Come outside right now,” Bennett told KXII.

When she got outside, she found her dog’s body and saw that he had been foaming at the mouth.

“He was part of my family. He was like my son, so it killed me,” she said.

Bennett says she believes someone intentionally poisoned him after learning that he wasn’t the only dog that was harmed.

Clayton Griffith arrived home on Tuesday and found his 4-month-old pit bull mix lethargic.

Once at the clinic, veterinarians told Griffith that Willow’s gray gums were a common sign of rat poisoning.

When Griffith called to report her death to police, he was told there were 14 similar cases in the area.

“From what I understand they are doing is, they are stuffing the poison down into treats so, obviously, the dogs don’t have a chance,” he said.