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Abandoned puppies discovered in Oklahoma storm drain

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COWETA, Okla. – Mark Richmond was driving near Coweta with his windows rolled down when he heard a squeaking noise.

For some reason, he decided to pull over and find out what was making the sound.

Richmond was able to track the noise to a storm drain. When he crouched down, he saw two puppies inside the drain.

It didn’t take long for the first puppy to come to him, but the second was reluctant to move as passersby came to help.

For nearly two hours, they tried to reach the second puppy until it finally came to them.

The dogs, who appear to be around four to five-weeks-old, were hungry and thirsty when they were finally rescued.

“The only thing I can think because, as you can see, we’re in a pretty remote area that they were dumped off and I don’t know why,” Richmond told FOX 23.

Both of the puppies were given flea baths, but Richmond says they are now looking for a family to adopt them.

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