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Moore kindergarten teacher struggling after storage trailer full of school supplies is stolen

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OKLAHOMA CITY  - A kindergarten teacher is struggling after she says someone stole her storage trailer full of school supplies.

This is Allison Floyd's first year teaching at Sky Ranch after moving from Texas over the summer.

As part of a construction project, her classroom isn't finished so she has been teaching in a temporary room. Most of her supplies were still in the trailer when it was stolen over overnight Monday.

“I drove into the parking lot Tuesday morning, and my trailer’s parked right on the corner right next to where I park and there was no trailer. There was one brick that the trailer hitch had been sitting on," said Floyd.

Everything from books to markers, to paper and games, 20 years worth of supplies gone.

She says many of the of items had sentimental value.

“Books that I’ve read with my own children. I had a book that I got as a wedding present that, because I was a classroom teacher, I mean, all of those things were in my trailer," said Floyd.

But it's not just her loss.

“It does hurt. It hurts a lot," she said. "Not so much for me because I know it’s just material, but it hurts for the kids that I don’t have everything they need to be having fun cause that’s what it’s supposed to be. It’s always supposed to be fun.”

"You’re stealing from kids," said Principal Amy Braun. "We’re a high-need, high-poverty school and when you steal from a teacher, you’re essentially stealing from 22 other kindergartners that are eager and ready to learn.”

Even though some of the items were recovered from a dumpster a few miles away, Floyd's still in desperate need.

Currently, donations are being dropped off at the school to help out and police are investigating.

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