Oklahoma officials warn of scams following Hurricane Harvey

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OKLAHOMA CITY – As many of the images coming out of Houston are heartbreaking, people across the country are wanting to help.

Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter is warning Oklahomans to not fall for charity fraud or other scams in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

“As the tragedy on the Gulf Coast continues to unfold, I know Oklahomans will step up to help in a multitude of ways, like we see after all disasters,” Attorney General Hunter said. “I am urging individuals looking to donate money to use caution and research to ensure a charity is registered to solicit in the state to avoid becoming the victim of a charity scam.”

The easiest way to find out if a charity is registered is to look it up on the secretary of state’s website.

The attorney general’s consumer protection unit also offers the following tips:

  • Donate only to charities that you know and trust
  • Be wary of charities that seem to have been formed in response to a particular disaster
  • Ask for written information regarding the solicitor’s charity including the name, mission, administrative costs and how your donation will be used
  • Listen carefully to the name of the charity. Scam artists often claim to be associated with a charity that mimics the name of a well-known organization
  • Be suspicious of any solicitor that uses aggressive tactics, asks for donations in cash or promises prizes in exchange for a donation.


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