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Parents upset after southwest Oklahoma City park targeted by hateful graffiti

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OKLAHOMA CITY - People tell us South Lakes Park is family friendly. However, not too far from the playground is a trail covered in graffiti of vulgar and racist language, which families tell us they will not tolerate.

“I'm sadden by it, to be honest, little bit of outrage,” said Kelli Ude.

“Honestly, it's really sad for me. Our family is full of many different races,” Whitney Ude tells News 4.

Many families were kicking off the Labor Day holiday in full swing, enjoying a day at South Lakes until finding offensive symbols and words on the walking trails.

“It's saddening, because we all take pride in our city, and to have people defile it like that and make it look so bad, whether it's racist, whether it's political, whatever, there's no room for that here,” said Terry Slaughter.

Many words we can't say or show on television, parents tell us it's definitely something they don't want their kids to see.

“I think, when they see things like that, they learn to hate,” Whitney said.

You can see the park's efforts in trying to remove the obscene language with a coat of paint, but the suspects keep coming back.

“But, to come out here to bring my kids who honestly do represent lots of different colors and to feel like some of them might be welcomed here, some of them aren't welcomed here,” Kelli said.

In the end, parents said it's a lesson to teach their kids about love and not hate.

“We try to teach our children to be positive, and uplifting, not about hate and discrimination,” said Amber Cole.

Officials with the park were not in the office in observance to the Labor Day holiday, but many parents said they hope staff removes the graffiti quickly.