A look inside KFOR’s new building as we move 4ward

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OKLAHOMA CITY -  We've been moving 4ward here at News 4 with our new station!

It's a state-of-the-art building that still holds our old-fashioned work ethic.

The plans for our new building have been in the works for years.

The windows are projectile resistant and the entire building is built to withstand a tornado.

In the lobby, you'll find a bootprint of our famous singing cowboy, Gene Autry, along with bricks from the original KFOR station. They came over with us as a reminder of where we came from and what's ahead.

There's also a giant mural in the lobby featuring all of your favorites from NBC through the years such as 'A-Team' and 'Star Trek.'

Part of the tour included a look inside many of our rooms, like the Barry Huddle Room and Legacy Conference Room, that are dedicated to the men and women who helped create the legacy of KFOR.

Our Liberty Room is also reminder of our 1st amendment: Free press. Free Speech. It is also the room we hold our news meetings in.

It's not only about protecting the rights of journalists, but the rights of you, our viewers.

A lot of hard work went into our new building and we're excited to continue the journey with you!