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“We have to be afraid of what could happen to our home,” Oklahoma families concerned about planned disposal well

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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. - Holly Howard built her dream home back in 2011 in rural Logan County. It was the home she and her family always wanted, but now she's worried her quiet lifestyle won't last too long.

“We used to always be afraid of tornadoes, but now we're just as afraid of earthquakes,” Howard said.

ZP Disposal Systems filed an application to put a disposal well not too far from Howard’s backyard near Portland Ave. and Seward Rd. The well would inject about 20,000 barrels of wastewater per day.

“We have concerns about our drinking water. We have concerns about the traffic, number of trucks that will be traveling,” Howard told News 4.

However, her biggest concern is the risk of earthquakes.

“I don't want to sit here and wait 'til the earthquakes start, or until the damage starts or contamination happens,” Howard said.

Therefore, a group of residents went to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to protest the filing. The commission can't comment on a pending case, but they are keeping an eye on two concerns.

“Water protection and then, of course, mitigating any kind of earthquake risk,” said OCC spokesman Matt Skinner.

Skinner said, so far, research shows the earthquake risk doesn't include wells like ZP Disposal Systems but the studies could always change.

“The disposal wells that have been tied to earthquake activity all have one thing in common, and they disposed in what's called the Arbuckle formation,” Skinner said.

Howard said she understands the push for oil and gas but this is one she can't stand behind.

“We have to be afraid of what could happen to our home from something we don't have control over or choices we're not making. It's scary to us,” she said.

A hearing will take place at 8:30 a.m Wednesday at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. Howard said a group plans to be there in protest.

"We are very confident in the permitting process to meet all state and federal guidelines and intend to follow such guidelines throughout this process to protect both public and private interests," Greg Kannady, with ZP Disposal Systems, said in a statement.