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New Oklahoma bride thinks of unique way to help Harvey victims

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PERKINS, Okla. - A new bride thought of a unique way to help Hurricane Harvey victims, and she's trying to spread the word to other new brides.

Larissa Sloan got married in August.

"It all just came together so great and beautiful,” Sloan told Oklahoma’s News 4. “That's one day that I'll never forget.”

Now, she’s left with flowers, center pieces, bridesmaid dresses, a ton of miscellaneous decor and even an extra wedding dress she was given.

"We were just going to try and recoup some of the cost, because it all came out of our savings. It came out of our taxes,” Sloan said.

The plan was to sell it, but Sloan had another idea.

"God just spoke to my heart Saturday morning. It was like a whole different thought process, pretty crazy,” Sloan said.

Her thoughts were with brides in Texas who’ve been affected by Hurricane Harvey.

“There's got to be a bride out there that maybe worked as tirelessly as I did, and then Hurricane Harvey came through and destroyed anything and everything that she worked on,” Sloan said.

She’s trying to spread the word to Harvey victims as well as other brides who might want to join the effort.

"I just want to be able to do what God has told me to do,” Sloan said.

If you're a new bride and you'd like to donate some of your wedding decor, etc. or you know a Texas bride in need, you can email or reach out to her on Facebook.