Oklahoma City man accused of stealing change, photograph from stranger’s home

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Authorities arrested a man after he allegedly broke into a man’s home and stole less than $2 worth of change and a photograph.

On Sept. 3, officers were called to a home in the 600 block of W. Main St. after a man said that a stranger was inside his home.

The caller told police that a man broke into his home through the upstairs balcony and was going through his car.

After officers arrived on the scene, they spotted 34-year-old Brett Thompson walking through a nearby lot.

According to the arrest affidavit, officers went through Thompson’s pockets and found miscellaneous flyers, paperwork from the victim’s car, a framed photograph and a bag containing $1.64 in coins.

The victim said that most of the items were from inside his car, but the photograph of his daughter and her friends may have been inside the house.

Thompson was arrested on complaints of first-degree burglary and second-degree burglary.