Special needs cat adopted from Oklahoma shelter after viral video

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ARDMORE, Okla. – Workers at the Ardmore Animal Shelter knew they had to do something in order to help a cat with special needs.

Veterinarians say the part of the cat’s brain that handles balance and movement is under-developed.

They say the cat, who was named Wiggles, can’t walk like a normal animal but is not in any pain.

“He can’t run, he can’t jump, he can’t climb on anything, so he is kind of stuck with scooting around, maybe flopping around every now and then,” Amanda Dinwiddie, a nurse with the Ardmore Animal Shelter, told KXII.

Wiggles has been adopted twice but was returned both times because the families could not care for him.

After being at the shelter for a year, workers knew they had to find the perfect person to give him a home.

“He doesn’t even know basically that he is different than other cats because that’s just how he is,” she said.

The employees at the shelter posted a video of Wiggles on social media, and the post went viral.

It also caught the attention of a friend of Roxey Lovelace.

“I think the biggest thing was that he had been returned a couple of times and she felt like she was the perfect person to give him a long-term home,” Lovelace said.

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