Police catch alleged serial burglar targeting college students

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EDMOND, Okla. - Edmond police say Joe Isaac Gullatt is a career criminal.

“He had a busy summer. Sounds like this is his profession,” said Jenny Wagnon, Edmond police spokesperson.

For months, Edmond authorities believe Gullatt was burglarizing businesses and cars.

Police say he'd watch victims from behind the bushes at Fink Park.

Gullatt would allegedly look for cars with UCO parking stickers. He knew they were students attending class across the street.

It was a perfect opportunity to break into their car and steal their valuables according to Wagnon.

"These criminals watch to see you leave and it's a crime of opportunity," said Wagnon.

And Gullatt clearly wasted no time using stolen credit cards. He’s seen on Target surveillance cameras repeatedly.

“He had just within minutes of breaking into that car went to target to buy gift cards," Wagnon told News 4.

Using Target receipts and security footage, detectives identified Gullatt as a possible suspect and went to his home.

“His fiance' let us in. When we were there, we found more stolen property from a separate auto burglary outside a gym," Wagnon said.

They also found a stack of other stolen cards and paperwork, tying Gullatt to an August break-in at Jamba Juice.

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