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Meet Harvey and Irma: Couple married for 75 years going viral for bearing names of hurricanes

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SPOKANE, Wash. – It’s a first for a Washington couple: Two hurricanes slamming two different parts of the United States bearing their names.

Harvey and Irma Schluter have been married for 75 years.

In July, Harvey turned 104, and Irma will be 93 in November.

The couple spoke with the New York Times, recalling memories from the Great Depression and Neil Armstrong walking on the moon.

But when they first heard the news of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma from their daughter, they thought it was a joke.

“I don’t know how they’ve done that, to have a Harvey and Irma,” Irma Schluter said. “I don’t know how that worked out.”

 The two met in Spokane decades ago, according to KXLY.

“And I opened the door and I saw a soldier and I shut the door because I didn’t know who it was,” said Irma Schluter.

 Turns out, Harvey was that soldier and the two would later marry in 1942.

During their lifetime, they raised three children, which then turned into many grandchildren. But the couple has also helped raise more than 100 foster children.

“A lot of patience,” said Harvey.

“Yeah, that’s the whole thing,” Irma said.

And while the two say they’re sad the hurricanes have been deadly, they say they’ve learned quite a bit throughout their marriage.

So, what’s their secret to being married 75 years?

“Each one’s gotta have love. That’s what holds you together,” said Harvey.

Irma agreed, saying you’ve got to have love – and faith.