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Mayfield Apologizes for Flag Controversy

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Baker Mayfield did just about everything right in Oklahoma's win over Ohio State. Except one thing. And it came after the contest.

Mayfield planted an OU flag on the 50 yard line of Ohio Stadium. A common occurrence by the winner of the OU-Texas game. It caused an uproar in the court of public opinion which Mayfield jumped out in front of by apologizing at OU's weekly media luncheon.

Mayfield said, "I'll go ahead and address the whole flag deal. It was an emotional game. I told you guys last week that it was going to have a lot of implications on the playoffs and so that's the way we prepared. It was an emotional game. After the game I didn't mean for it to be disrespectful towards any Ohio State people at all. Especially not the team or the players. They're a great team, a great program. I didn't mean it to be disrespectful at all. We do the flag thing at OU-Texas and that's just something i got caught up in an emotional win. That's something I should've done in the locker room, but it's something i shouldn't have done in the middle of the field."

No discipline is expected to come from OU or the NCAA on the matter.