Police: Mother allegedly stabbed 8-day-old baby because ‘it’s Satan’s child’

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PITTSBURGH, Pa. – A mother in Pennsylvania is facing several charges after police say she stabbed her infant in the head.

Authorities say 32-year-old Tanishia Fielder was arrested after police say she used a kitchen knife to stab the 8-day-old baby.

“’It was the Devil’s child.’ That just kept coming out of her mouth,” neighbor Darius Warren told KDKA. “I’m like, ‘Wow, that’s crazy.’”

According to court documents, Fielder told police that God told her she needed to killed the baby, dismember him and throw him in the garbage because he was the devil.

Investigators say the child’s father saw him bleeding and immediately rushed to get help.

“When the husband came out, I guess, he was holding the baby, running down, and the baby had blood in his eyes and stuff,” Warren said. “[The father was] screaming ‘911, call 911,’ so I called 911. Then when I asked the lady what was going on, she kept saying, ‘It’s Satan’s child, it’s Satan’s child’ and all that.”

The baby is currently being treated at a nearby hospital, and his condition is unknown at this time.

Fielder is facing multiple charges for the attack.