Town decorates for Christmas so terminally ill 3-year-old can see Santa once more

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LEBO, Kansas - Who says you can only celebrate Christmas on December 25th?

A community in the small town of Lebo, Kansas strung Christmas lights, collected toys, and called in Santa a few months early for one of its youngest residents.

It is Christmas in September for three-year-old Christian Risner, who truly believes the holidays are here.

His tiny town of less than 1,000 residents all came together for a major transformation, turning Lebo into a winter wonderland with decorations, lights, presents, horse-drawn carriages, and carols, along with a community meal.

Businesses donated items for a silent auction to help make "Christmas for Christian" a success - a special celebration for a very special little boy.

Doctors diagnosed Christian with rhabdoid kidney cancer, which his father says has spread to Christian's lungs, possibly leaving his son with only a couple of months left.

Christian's parents decided against more debilitating treatments and hospital stays to prolong his young life, opting instead for more time just being a kid.

"We wanted him to be like this, with hair, no NG [nasogastric] tube," Christian's father Josh Risner said. "Living a normal 3-year-old's life, enjoying time with his family."

And that is exactly what he's doing - playing, laughing, and opening gifts. His favorite just might be a large plush character, "Minion!", Christian shouted with a huge smile.

One tiny town, one massive show of support  - all hoping for an early Christmas miracle that little Christian will live to see many more.

"It blows my mind," Risner said. "When he got sick, this community, it helped out tremendously."