Homeless Oklahoma man loses everything after being targeted by thieves

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro man said he's lost everything after his vehicle was stolen.

“I’m sleeping out on the grass now, wherever I can and walking everywhere," said Steven Shell, who is homeless and was living out of his SUV.

Recently, he said a man assaulted him and stole his vehicle, which had all of his belongings inside it.

“He jumped on me in the car, put a strangle hold on me while his girlfriend was sitting right next to me, and pinned me down on the ground and tied me up in the backseat,” he said.

The suspect dropped Shell off at a coffee shop in southeast Oklahoma City, and Shell called notified authorities.

Police said they were able to locate the vehicle but impounded the vehicle when they couldn't get a hold of Shell. As it turns out, Shell's cell phone was in his stolen car.

News 4 checked with the impound lot, and they told us Shell will need to come to the lot with proper documentation to get his vehicle.

But, Shell said he can't afford the $300 to get it out and the fee is going up daily.

“My car was stolen. The report was made. I gave you everything I could. Why should I be charged to pick up my car? The Oklahoma City police recovered it. I should be able to get my car back," he said. “It just doesn’t take into account for people like me that have no other alternative.”

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