Navy veteran says roofing storm chaser won’t complete job

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ENID, Okla. – 88-year-old Richard Lundy of Enid wants to know what happened to his nearly $15,000 insurance check.

The guy who cashed it is roofer, Brandon Kyle Willis.

Court records show Willis is on probation right now for public intoxication and making obscene and violent threats.

He’s got a number of convictions on his record.

Richard says he wasn’t himself and in a lot of pain when he handed over the check and his son, James, was in Oklahoma City having triple bypass surgery.

“Mom had Parkinson [and] she passed away recently,” James said. “She took a turn for the worse. We had to have her in the hospital.”

We know Willis violated his probation and was a no show in court in Tulsa County.

Richard’s neighbor, Charles Tiessen, says he eventually got his roof, but only after he tracked down Willis’ attorney.

“I guess maybe that attorney got to him,” Charles said. “About a week after I called her a crew showed up.”

While we were in Enid we discovered another new complaint in the same neighborhood.

That couple didn’t want to us to use their name, but tells the In Your Corner team Willis was slow to put on their roof, then skipped town with the insurance money earmarked for their new gutters.

The Garfield County Sheriff’s Department has launched its own investigation into Willis and his company, Help Roofing and Restoration.

Our repeated phone calls to Brandon Willis were not returned.

We keep trying to get a hold of him.

Word is he’s somewhere in the Tulsa area.

He’s got several active warrants out right now for violating his probation.

Willis sent us an email Tuesday night saying he’s talked to Richard and materials for his roof has been dropped off and are ready to be installed.

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