Car, phone, other items stolen after Shawnee woman extends help to two homeless men: Police report

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SHAWNEE, Okla. - A Shawnee woman says two homeless men she invited into her home for a shower, food and shelter, ended up taking off with her phone, laptop, purse and car early Saturday.

"I run downstairs and my car is gone, and I’m like, 'Oh my God, you idiot. You idiot. How—,' sorry," said Kelli Godfrey, choking up. "I always have faith in people, always. My whole life. And I’m a good person, so I don’t understand what I did to deserve it.”

Godfrey, 44, says she has opened her home to homeless people in the past, but with much different results.

"If I see people walking, I’ll pick them up, take them where they need to go. I normally have a good sense about people, but I guess this last time my red flag meter was off."

According to Godfrey and a report filed with the Shawnee Police Department, she met the two men inside the McDonald's at 1411 N. Harrison late Friday night.

"One of them said that they just didn’t have family. Said they’ve been on the street for three years, sleeping on concrete, been forever since they slept in a bed," said Godfrey. "Of course my heart just melted for them.”

After sitting with the men, in their early- to mid-20s who gave the names "Christian" and "Todd," she invited them to her home for a shower, some food and some sleep before she would take them to wherever they wanted to go the next morning.

"I don’t have a lot. I’m unemployed. I get very little income to live on, so I don’t have much to give. But when I do, I try to give them a shower or a place to lay their head and then take them where they need to go."

But when she woke up early Saturday morning, Godfrey says the guest room where she had last heard the two men playing Xbox games hours before was silent.

"When I looked in the back bedroom, it was just destroyed. I noticed the Xbox gone. I run back in my room and notice my purse is gone."

According to the report filed with police, the two men stole an Xbox One, Xbox 360, HP laptop, iPhone 6 Plus, a white 2007 VW Passat wagon, as well as her purse with credit, bank and identification cards.

"If you want my stuff, if it’s going to benefit you, whatever. It’s not my life. They could have taken that. That material stuff can be replaced," Godfrey said. "It won’t harden my heart. You can take a lot of things, but you can’t take my spirit."

When asked if she would do it again: "Probably, knowing me."

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