Cyclist warns others after large rocks placed on Oklahoma River Trail leaves her injured

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Bike rides are a routine Anthony Carfang and Jennie Ryu do just about every morning.

Last Monday, their normal bike ride took a nasty turn.

“I found Jennie on the ground in tears and a little bit bloody,” Carfang said.

Carfang said his wife rode right into a trap, large rocks lined up, blocking the trail.

“The rocks were across the trail. They were sort of the big erosion rocks that are down by the river, so we're talking like 30- to 50-pound rocks just thrown across in a straight line,” he said.

The couple believes it was done on purpose.

“It wasn't just like a scattering about. It looked like a very intentional line to mark something,” Carfang said.

The accident couldn't have come at a worse time. Ryu is registered to compete in a triathlon Saturday. She is now facing a painful decision of should she even compete.

“This is the bad one that's really hurting me,” Ryu said, pointing to her injured knee.

Scraped and bruised, the couple has a message for the person who did this.

“Think of the actions and the other trails users, the other city users," Carfang said. "Most Oklahomans are really good about being sympathetic and patient."

The couple doesn’t want to deter folks from walking, fishing or cycling along the trail, but they want to urge people to be careful.

“Do take the necessary precautions, so we have really bright headlights, really bright taillights, high visibility vests. We make sure that we're seen and can see. But, even then, you have to stay vigilant,” Carfang said.

The couple did contact police about the incident.

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