“We’re going to make it personal,” Edmond students learning about Hurricane Harvey by helping victims

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EDMOND, Okla. - Pens, notebooks and gift cards fill a classroom at Heartland Middle School, but none of the supplies will be used by Oklahoma students.

Instead, students at Central Middle, Cheyenne Middle and Heartland Middle School have been gathering as many supplies as they can to help hurricane victims.

It all started when the seventh-grade principal at Heartland Middle School read an article from a Dallas newspaper regarding a supply drive for a Houston school.

When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, it devastated the families and staff members of Cunningham Middle School in Houston.

"A third of their students have lost everything, and she has a couple of her staff too, her secretary and a first-grade teacher have also lost everything in the hurricane,” Gabe Schmidt, seventh grade principal at Heartland Middle School, said.

After learning about the issues facing Cunningham Middle School, Schmidt decided to start a donation drive at the three Edmond schools.

"We just want to make sure they're safe and that they have supplies and that they are not in this alone,” Cameron Woodard, an eighth grader at Heartland Middle School, said.

The materials will go far, and the helpers from the heartland are learning in the process.

"For them to be able to give to that same age, that same population that they know they need school supplies. They know they need support from gift cards. It's a uniform school,” Michelle Grinsteiner, principal at Cheyenne Middle School, said.

"If it was happening to us, we would want them to do that because I mean we have tornadoes in Oklahoma. They have hurricanes so it's kind of if there's devastation here, then I think that would help,” Bri Johnson, a student at Heartland Middle School, said.

These schools plan to continue to help for as long as they need.

"We're going to make it personal and have that personal touch so that we have a relationship with someone not necessarily next door to us but our sister school to the south,” Schmidt said.

They will be accepting donations until Wednesday.

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