Dozens protest plans of Braum’s in Classen Circle

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Dozens of people turned out for an emotional meeting with Braum’s representatives, regarding the planned Classen Circle location.

Most in attendance voiced their protest of the plan to demolish the Donnay Building and the businesses inside, including the HiLo Club.

Arguments included pleas to recognize its significance both historically and culturally to the area.

Others condemned the idea of moving a Braum’s or any fast food restaurant to the neighborhood, citing the traffic it could create and the people it would attract.

One neighbor, who said she has owned three properties just across the street from the Donnay Building since 1997, said she believed the Braum’s would be an improvement to the property.

She said the patrons of the businesses at Classen Circle have caused a lot of problems and trouble for her and those she rents her properties to over the years.

Braum’s representatives were mostly silent listeners, promising to take the feedback back to the company’s owners. However, they also insisted the application for rezoning of two residential properties would go forward as planned.

Ward 2 Councilman Ed Shadid told protesters the way to make a real impact on the situation would be to come together, raise money and hire legal council to represent their interests in front of City Council and in district court.

Drunken Fry owner Rod Meyer announced in the meeting, if Braum’s wants to get out of their commitment to the location, the company should let him buy the property.

Meyer said he attempted to purchase it in the past but couldn’t get the needed funding from a bank. Now, he insists he has the means to do so and wants to leave the businesses inside as is.

Next, Braum’s will go in front of the Planning Commission with its application for rezoning on September 28. If the application is approved, the consideration will go on to City Council.

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