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Oklahoma woman invents product to sanitize public restrooms

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OKLAHOMA CITY - It doesn't matter if you're a woman or a man, sometimes you have to go.

In some instances, you may be forced to head to a portable bathroom. However, one Oklahoma woman invented a product to make the experience a little less yucky.

"I'm just always on the move, on the go, and I got tired of public restrooms. You know, when you're at an airport, I almost cringe when I have to go,” said Jody Harris, the inventor of YukBGone.

Instead of flushing sanitary seats down the toilet, she invented the non-toxic sanitizer for the toilet.

The spray, which has been lab-tested and certified, sanitizes the toilet seat.

"Sit, and you're good to go," Harris said.

She said people use it a lot at football games and festivals. In one year, Harris has already sold 12,000 bottles of YukBGone.

This isn't the Oklahoma mother's first invention. She also has a product that will help you zip up your dress by yourself.

Her business ideas started under more somber circumstances.

“I was a teenage mom, and I'm a survivor of domestic violence and it's been a long road,” she said. "During my journey of struggles, I had to solve a lot of problems, so that really comes natural for me. When I see a problem, I instantly want to solve it."

That mentality just landed her on a new show by Entrepreneur Network called 'Elevator Pitch.'

"They said 'Come to L.A. This is the first season. We would love to see you and hear about your pitch. We really like your product,'” Harris said.

Two weeks later, she filmed the segment for the first show airing Wednesday online.

Inventors have one minute to pitch their product to investors while in an elevator.

"I was able to get into the elevator, and I was able to get out but then, on Wednesday night, we'll see what happens,” Harris said.

YukBGone is sold online at and The product is also in 90 boutiques around the nation.