One arrested, police searching for second suspect in shooting that injured 71-year-old woman in crossfire

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OKLAHOMA CITY - One man is in jail and police are searching for a second man they believe fired the shot that struck a 71-year-old during a shootout on the city's northwest side last week.

Stephen Elliot Golden, 19, was arrested by Oklahoma City police late last week. Police are still searching for Shaquile Travon Jones, 24, who police believe fired the shot that struck 71-year-old Glenna Mills, according to an arrest warrant.

"At (the hospital), they told me a quarter inch to the right and they would be collecting brain tissue out of the inside of my car," Mills said during an interview at her home Monday evening.

Mills was driving home on Sept. 11 and had just passed through the intersection of N.W. 122nd and May Avenue right shortly before 1:30 p.m., around the same time an altercation between four men at a nearby 7-11 convenience store escalated to a shootout.

"I heard a tremendous pop," Mills said. "I looked up in my windshield, and there was a hole there, so I thought ‘It’s probably a rock, it couldn’t be anything but a rock,' and then I felt all the blood."

"I hear these gunshots while we were stopped at the intersection," said Mills' boyfriend, Randall Mengers, who was following Mills in his own vehicle.

Mills, a hairdresser, said she "lost all control" when she realized she had been shot but was able to safely pull her car out of traffic.

"(The bullet struck me) right behind my hairline and proceeded all the way back behind my ear," Mills said, "and, evidently, I must have moved my head because the trajectory of the bullet changed just enough to go a little deeper into my scalp as it went backwards.”

By the time police arrived on scene, the suspects were gone; two believed to have left in a white Cadillac SUV. Mills was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. She was released from the hospital Tuesday night.

According to an arrest warrant, police got a call later Monday evening about a suspicious vehicle at an apartment complex in the 11500 block of N. Meridian Ave. The caller said a white Cadillac SUV "did not belong there" and "had been concealed with a blue tarp and had bullet holes in it." Investigators discovered the tags on the Cadillac were registered to Jones.

The next day, after police released photos of the suspects, another tipster said the SUV "belongs to Jones" and the man in the blue hoodie sweat shirt in the photos appeared to be Jones, recognizing him and the vehicle from a business Jones used recently, according to an arrest warrant.

Oklahoma City police said tips to Crime Stoppers helped identify Jones. As of Monday evening, police are still searching for him.

Golden was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on Sept. 14. According to his arrest warrant, a witness of the shootout took a photo of Golden leaving the scene. That witness followed Golden to a nearby apartment complex in the 12400 block of Trail Oaks Drive where he was staying with his brother. His brother identified Golden when he was shown surveillance footage and photographs.

Golden is being held on $20,000 bond.

Mills is doing well, considering the ordeal.

"I've lived through brain surgery for a tumor in 2008, and I’ve missed the bullet again. God’s not just finished with me yet," she said.

But, she does have one question about the violence:

"Where does it stop?"