Watch Live: First all-female spacewalk

After seeing this, you might just think spiders are – dare we say – cute?

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If you think spiders are the things nightmares are made of, listen up!

Turns out, just like cats, dogs, and all cuddly creatures of the planet, spider have paws!

Aww, wook at these widdle feetsies! (Too much?)

The paws of our eight-legged friends also have tiny claws, just like our four-legged furry friends.

The spider's paw is actually called a tarsus.

If you want to get technical, they also have 48 knees! That's six joints on each of its eight legs.

Spiders also use their legs as a nose and ears, as they can hear changes in wind speed and recognize smells.

If all of this doesn't make you want to snuggle up to the next spider you find (not recommended,) we don't know what will!


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