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Investigators, technical officers testify against Moore beheading suspect

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NORMAN, Okla. - Investigators and technical officers testified against a Moore beheading suspect Tuesday.

As of 12 p.m., five witnesses took the stand including police officers who were on the scene in September 2014 when Alton Nolen allegedly beheaded a coworker and stabbed another inside Vaughan Foods.

Colleen Hufford died as a result of her injuries. Traci Johnson was critically injured but survived.

The jury of 12 was shown graphic photos Wednesday captured at the scene of the crime, including a bloody 8-inch knife and Hufford's body.

A detective testified there were between 500 and 600 photos collected overall. About 100 were entered as evidence.

During opening statements, the defense argued Nolen should be found not-guilty by reason of insanity. Attorney Shea Smith claimed Nolen was delusional and mentally ill, not understanding what he was doing was wrong.

However, a paramedic, who assessed Nolen for his gunshot wounds sustained inside the plant, testified Tuesday in court Nolen seemed to understand all of the questions he was asked about his injuries. The paramedic said Nolen had "listened intently" and answered in a timely fashion.

Mashburn told reporters Monday the trial itself could take weeks to finish.

"If we get past the first stage of the trial, we get to the second stage of the trial. That's another probably 10 days of evidence after that," Mashburn said.

According to Mashburn, the state could finish presenting their evidence by Wednesday with the defense beginning in the days to come.

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