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Officials: Several Oklahoma City teachers to shift schools during annual ‘rebalancing process’

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Public schools

OKLAHOMA CITY – Teachers at several Oklahoma City schools may be moved to a different location to help with staffing issues.

Many school districts across the state were struggling to fill open positions after hundreds of teachers left the profession during the summer.

At the start of the school year, officials announced that Oklahoma districts were scrambling to fill hundreds of vacancies

Now, Oklahoma City officials say teachers and staff members at several schools may be moving to schools where they are needed most.

“OKCPS leadership has been closely monitoring our enrollment numbers to prepare for the annual rebalancing process. Staff rebalancing is a normal yearly operational process in which we apply our existing staffing formula to actual enrollment numbers for 2017-18 versus the projected enrollment we used to prepare for the school year. This process is a way that OKCPS ensures that we are using our resources wisely, and it ensures that no classroom is significantly above or below our planned student/teacher ratios,” the district said in a statement to KFOR.

Officials say no employee will lose his or her job as a result of the rebalancing process, but they will be moved to schools with vacant positions.

At this point, Oklahoma City Public School District officials say 20 elementary schools will see teachers shifted to other campuses, and 12 schools will gain at least one teacher.

For secondary schools, five schools will see teachers shifted other campuses, and five will gain at least one teacher.

Teachers who will be moved will be given several days to review a list of existing vacancies and select their top three preferences.

The teachers will shift to their new positions on Monday, Oct. 23.