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Police: Man arrested on several charges after barbershop brawl

OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma man is facing an array of charges after he started a fight in a local barber shop.

On Wednesday, officers were called to the Kickback Barber Shop, located in the 800 block of  W. Britton Rd., following a reported assault.

Witnesses told 911 dispatchers that a man was fighting inside the barber shop and someone had been thrown through a window.

When police arrived at the scene, they realized the front window of the barber shop was shattered and there was blood covering the concrete.

Front window at Kickback Barber Shop.

The owner of the shop came out to speak with officers and was suffering from several cuts to his legs, arms and head.

According to the arrest affidavit, witnesses told police that a man, who was later identified as 35-year-old Ray Payne, came into the barber shop and asked if he could sit.

After being allowed inside, the affidavit states that Payne attempted to light a cigarette and was told that smoking wasn’t allowed in the shop. At that point, witnesses say Payne walked up to the fish tank and acted like he was going to put something in the tank.

That’s when he was told to leave the shop.

Instead of leaving, he walked up to a witness and “balled up his fists” to fight.

Authorities say the shop’s owner stepped in between Payne and the witness and continued to tell Payne to leave. As the owner was trying to escort Payne outside, witnesses say Payne pulled away and punched the owner in the face.

As the pair fought, a witness says that he saw a gun fall from Payne’s waistband and he immediately grabbed it so Payne couldn’t escalate the fight.

The witness told officers that he took the gun to a nearby store and had them lock it in a vehicle while he called 911.

While at the nearby store, the witness told police that ‘he heard a loud noise and glass shattering’ and realized that the owner and Payne had crashed through the barber shop’s window.

The shop’s owner told officers that after they crashed through the window, Payne got into a car and drove off.

According to the affidavit, dispatchers received a call several blocks away about a man lying on the ground bleeding and asking for help.

Once officers arrived at that location, they realized the man needing help was Payne.

Payne was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment before being taken to the Oklahoma County Jail.

Ray Payne

Payne was arrested on complaints of possession of a firearm, reckless conduct in possession of a firearm and carrying a firearm while under the influence.